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We are Strong. We are Beautiful.
We are God's Masterpiece.

About Us

Our Vision

Guide each girl to develop a deep relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ; and that she discover her potential in the Kingdom of God.

Our Mission

Facilitate the health and growth of our girls and churches with relationships inspired by the Spirit and new resources.

Our Purpose

The purpose of the clubs is of eternal value and is explained in the Quintuple Purpose:
  1. Win young girls for Jesus Christ through love and acceptance.
  2. Teach them to obey everything that Jesus has commanded us; help them in their spiritual and intellectual development.
  3. Provide encouragement, support and responsibility through lasting Christian relationships.
  4. Provide an environment in which young girls can develop their gifts and abilities.
  5. That they know the Great Commission of Jesus Christ our Lord.

Sectional Team

Section 1: Mildred Sanchez
Email: milly.rosario-sanchez@ssa.gov
Section 2: Linda Merced
Email: mercedoti@msn.com
Section 3: Blanca Aguirre
Section 4: Alondra Jimenez
Email: girlsministries@fmdag.org

Section 5: Frances Romero
Email: francesromero76@gmail.com
Section 6: Alondra Jimenez
Email: girlsministries@fmdag.org
Section 7: Alondra Jimenez
Email: girlsministries@fmdag.org
Section 8: Bethzaida Jimenez
Email: bethjes2001@yahoo.com

Section 9: Mildred Castro
Email: concheta53@yahoo.com
Section 10: Alondra Jimenez
Email: girlsministries@fmdag.org

Contact Us

FMD Girls Ministry
830 California Woods Circle, Orlando, Florida 32824
Phone: (239) 247-0948
Email: girlsministries@fmdag.org
FMD Girls Ministry Team
  • Alondra Jimenez - Director
  • Bethsaida Cuevas - Secretary
  • Vanessa Blas - Treasurer
  • Mildred Sanchez - Trainings Coordinator
  • Frances Romero - Events Coordinator
  • Stephanie Hernandez - Social Media

FMD Girls Ministries

Florida Multicultural District Girls Ministries focuses on developing girls into women of God. For the girl to love God but understand her worth, beauty and purpose. We impact our community and churches all throughout the state of Florida by making sure local churches have this program to impact their local schools and community.
"Girls Ministries is about intentional outreach and Christian discipleship for girls. We provide resources to help churches and individuals teach girls biblical truths that will help them learn to make God-pleasing decisions."- National Girls Ministries

Calendar of Events

Date Event
July 15, 2021 Application for Honors Due
August 21, 2021 South Celebration (1, 2 & 4)
• September
• September 11, 2021
• September 5-11, 2021
• September 15, 2021
• September 24-25, 2021
• Affiliation Monthr
• North Celebration (3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 & 10)
• National Girl Ministries Week
• Quarterly Report Duer
• National Girl Ministries Sleepover
October 2, 2021 District Staff & Reps. Meeting
November 24, 2021 Happy Thanksgiving!
• December 15, 2021
• December 24, 2021
• December 25, 2021
• Quarterly Report Due
• ¡Feliz Nochebuena!
• Merry Christmas!