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Las credenciales son otorgadas por una organización reconocida que autoriza la realización de todas las ordenanzas y ceremonias de la iglesia, de acuerdo con las leyes federales o estatales aplicables.

New Applicant

This is the beginning of a new season for you and there is not greater joy to walk with you this journey.

Ministerial Advance

Whether you are a certified or licensed minister, we are proud of you and exited of Gods plan for your life.


All credential holders must renew their credentials annually.


Ministers can reinstate regardless of how many years it has been since they held credentials.


When a minister moves to a new district, his o her credentials must be transferred withing 60 days.

The Florida Multicultural District, formed in 1981, is a district of The General Council of the Assemblies of God (USA). We exist to resource and serve, pastors, ministers, churches, and missionaries to fulfill the great commission.




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